Soar over Cocoa Beach and the Thousand Islands on this 17-minute helicopter ride from Port Canaveral. Spot surfers catching waves and even some fresh water manatees and river dolphins who live in the Banana River.' Helicopter tours depart from a private helipad right in Port Canaveral, so you will be among the exciting sights for every second of your flight.

See the entire Cocoa Beach shoreline as well as the Banana River's Thousand Islands on this 15-minute helicopter flight from Port Canaveral. You'll get a great view of the many naturally made and modified islands that sit right along the Banana River. The inter-coastal Banana River is home to many fresh water manatees and river dolphin that love soaking up the warm water. You'll also get to fly right by the Cocoa Beach Pier area which is typically flourishing with surfers and beach goers.

Please note: helicopters can hold up to three (3) passengers at a total weight of 600lbs (272kg / 42.85st). Price displayed is per helicopter, for up to 3 people.

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